Photo by Janet Mami Takayama at the premiere performance of Vonology for the Jazz City series programmed by the Jazz Institute of Chicago, December 2018.


Mike Allemana, guitar and compositions

Victor Garcia, trumpet and flugelhorn

Greg Ward, alto saxophone

Geof Bradfield, tenor saxophone

Kendall Moore, trombone

Tomeka Reid, cello

Matt Ferguson, acoustic bass

Michael Raynor, drums

Brian Allemana, conductor and astrological texts on “The Mentor’s Benediction”


Sue Demel, soprano

Gabriela Allemana, soprano and alto

Lindsay Weinberg, alto and vocal melody on “The Mentor’s Benediction”

Austin Burgett, tenor

Alton Smith, tenor

Angel Rodriguez, bass

Bill Brickey, bass and readings on “The Mentor’s Benediction”

Recording, design, and promotion

John Abbey, engineer, Kingsize Soundlabs

Brian Schwab, mastering engineer

Liina Raud, photography

Jamie Breiwick, design

Neil Tesser, liner notes

Lydia Liebman Promotions